Monday, 23 March 2020

Good Afternoon all!!

Tomorrow we start using Edmodo
Edmodo website
It is easier if you download the app.

Please make sure you have signed your child into the class.
Daily work will not be displayed on this blog any more.
But please keep using the reading book, games and other links on here.
I will also keep the spellings up to date and post some pictures of children’s work.
Thankyou for your support

Tomorrow’s lessons are already on!
Good luck

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Monday 23rd March

Good Morning children!

Firstly: Please enjoy some more examples of your work:

I hope you had a lovely weekend resting and you are ready to do some work!

Class 1: English

L.O. Phonics: oa, ow and oe
L.O. I can recount my weekend visiting jail.
L.O. I can order Nelson Mandela's life

1. Use mine or your own story plan to read the information text on Nelson Mandela:
    Can you think of some actions you could do?
   If you can get someone to video you telling the story with actions. I'll try for tomorrow.
Nelson Mandela Information Text
Nelson Mandela story Map Video

2. Watch the video on Nelson Mandela:
Nelson Mandela's Life video

3. Watch the video on the phonic sounds: oa, ow, oe.
oa oe ow video
oa o-e, ow video

4. Imagine you went to visit Miss Kirsty in jail this weekend. Look at the picture:

What can you see?
How do you feel?
Where are you?
Who did you meet?

1. Look at the picture:

Write sentences about your visit, try to start each sentence differently and use adjectives for description. You could use some of these verbs and adverbs.

At the weekend I .....................

I went nervously ..............   I saw ............... I loudly heard ...................  I happily met ................... 
I had ...........        I watched .....    I felt ..............   I disgustingly ate ..............

2. Phonics: Choose to play a game, do a wordsearch or complete the worksheet:
oa phonopoly Game
oa oe ow Online Game
oa wordsearch
oa oe ow Worksheet

3. Cut out the events in Nelson Mandela's life and stick them with the correct date on the timeline:
Nelson Mandela Timeline


Class 2: Maths

L.O. I can times and divide by 2
L.O. I can use arrays for x

1. First lets practise our times two and divide by two facts: Watch the videos:
Times and Divide by 2
Times and Divide by 2

2. Now lets practise our family of facts:
2x3= 6
6 ÷2=3

Family of facts

3. If you are not very good at all of your times tables yet, try using an array to help you.


8 X 3=

* * * * * * * *    3 down
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
8 Accross

The answer is the total number of starts:
Try counting in 3's, 8 times : 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24

Let's try another question:


5 X 6 =

O O O O O      6 DOWN


Answer is the TOTAL number of circles.
Try counting in 5's, 6 times: 5,10,15,20,25,30


1. Roll the dice once to make a number, then x 2. Then write the family of facts.

( 6 ) x 2 = 12
2 x 6 = 12
12 ÷ 6 = 2
12 ÷ 2 = 6

Extension: Do the same but for the 5 and 10 times tables as well.

2. Complete the multiplication sums by using arrays to help you.
Either use the dice to make your own multiplication sums, then draw the arrays to work out the answer as shown above or complete the worksheet:


Class 3: Geography

L.O. I can use map symbols

1. Watch the videos on maps and symbols:


Look at the map symbols. 

You can either:
1. Draw an imaginary map using symbols, then on the other side draw a picture of it in reality (like a photo)


You could do it on a paint program on the computer.


Class 4: Spanish

See Miss Fefi's blog

School has now finished!

Remember to:

* Read a book
* Do some exercise
* Watch a program in English
* Give your mum and Dad a kiss and say Thankyou

Keep sending me your photos!
Miss Kirsty

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Friday 20th March

Good Morning Children!

Look at some of your amazing work! I love it!



It is FRIDAY!!!

Please remember to check out Miss Lucy’s blog. Today She has a live feed from a zoo and a fab phonics site to revise sounds as well. Enjoy! 

Let us start our day in colour with a bit of dancing:

Now let us begin some work:

Class 1: Maths

L.O. I know my 2,4 and 8 times tables
L.O. I understand pictograms

1. Practise your 2,4 and 8 times tables.
Watch and join in with the videos and if you have time try playing a game.
Then do your times table test in your GREEN BOOK.

2. Watch the videos on pictograms, then try playing the games.

Ask everyone in your house and some friends online what their favourite fruit is, record it as a tally chart then fill in the fruit pictogram with your results. If you ask lots of people, you may need to use 1picture : 2 people. (If you can not print, you could draw it)

Extension: Answer questions about pictograms:

BREAK: Get a snack and maybe try some yoga:

Class 3: English

L.O. Phonics: I can spell ea, ee, e_e words.
L.O. Have a go: Information Text
L.O. Information Story Board

1. Watch the videos on the sounds: ee, ea and e_e

2. Get your blue spelling test book, listen and write down the spelling words from the test.
Pause if too fast.
Children with different words, ask your parents to test you. Next week I will say yours as well.
NOTE: New Spellings and 7 a day will be given out FRIDAY EVENING.

3. We are starting a new unit next week on Information texts. So have a watch of the videos. Miss Kirsty has been naughty but why?
You have to write an information text about Miss Kirsty and what she has done? why did she do it? who is she really? etc

4. Now enjoy listening to Miss Kirsty reading the information text about Nelson Mandela, you can also follow along with the words. You can then enjoy Miss Kirsty showing you her story board.

1. Phonics: Do the phonic writing tasks: Dear May.
Extension: The spooky Halloween party.
Write down words which include ea, ee and e_e.

2. Have a go: Write an information text about NAUGHTY MISS KIRSTY.
Think about:
What was she like growing up?
What did she do? where? when? why?
How long was she in jail?
What did she do after jail?

Miss Kirsty got in trouble with the police so she is now in jail.
Last year she joined a group which wanted to make everyone wear pink.  She did a protest outside a palace in Madrid but she got arrested. She has been in jail for 5 years.

You could use:
she tried
she stole
she made
she said
she did

3. Draw your own story board for the Nelson Mandela information text.
(You can look at mine for ideas)

BREAK: Get some lunch

Class 3: PSHE

L.O. How to look after myself.

1. Watch the videos of how to look after yourself. Then have a read through the PowerPoint.


Make a poster with pictures and labels to tell people how to look after themselves.


Class 4: Spanish
See Miss Fefis Lengua blog

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy time with your family doing what you want!

I miss you!

Miss Kirsty

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Thursday 19th March: Dia del Padre!!!


See the source image

Today is a day to enjoy with a SPECIAL PERSON:

e.g. your DAD, Grandad, Uncle, brother, mum ...........

A special present 🎁 for all of your amazing Daddies:

(Uno regalo para todos los Padres)

Enjoy your fun learning day with your Daddy or Special person:

Class 1: Maths & P.E.

L.O. Tally charts and Block charts
L.O. Exercise to make our bodies strong.

See the source image

1. Watch the videos explaining how to make a tally chart and how to make a block chart:

Tally Charts
Block Charts

2. You will need to draw your own Tally chart like in the photo:


1. Your Daddy or special person needs to do the following exercises for 2 minutes. 
You count how many times they do it and record it on a tally chart.
Remember every 5 you make it look like a gate, e.g.
Image result for TALLY CHART SYMBOLS
You can film them or take photos of them doing the exercises as well, then send some of them to my email so I can try to put some on the blog.

2. After Daddy is tired from the exercise,  you can do it as well! 

I bet you can do it better than Daddy can!!!


The Floss

Toilet Roll Keepy Up

Press ups (Daddies: You sit on their back, Children alone)

Weight Lifting (How many times can they pick you up? You use a teddy)

Run (Run from 1 place to another holding a water bottle)

Skating (Put socks on your hands and towels around your knees: Go from 1 place to another)

Sit ups (Use the edge of the sofa to hold on to, go up and down)

3. Now you need to use your tally results to make a block chart.

If the numbers are too high. You can half your results numbers.
e.g. Daddy: 44 sit ups: half: 22.
If its an odd number take 1 off, then half
e.g. Daddy: 35 press ups: 35 - 1 equals 34: half 34 is 17.

Draw your own block chart.

or use the sheet:


Break: Get your special person a drink of water and a healthy snack, they will need the energy!!

Class 2: English

L.O. I know my spelling words
L.O. Interview Questions
L.O. Having Fun with my special person recount

Now firstly if your Daddy or special person does not speak English, you are going to have to help them.
1. Speak to them in English.
2. If they do not understand translate into Spanish for them.


    * Write your spelling words onto a piece of paper for you and your special person to see.
    * Read them out, get your special person to say them to you.
    * Choose a spelling word and play hangman, they have to guess the letters.
    * Repeat the game with other words, they can test you as well.

Image result for hangman stages pictures

    * Put on some nice clothes and ask your Daddy or special person to dress nicely.
    * Ask someone to film you asking your Daddy or special person the questions you wrote yesterday.
    * Email me the videos.
Image result for famous stars cartoon

3. Recount THE FUN TIMES with my special person.

You need to do some or all of the following challenges.
Take a photo then write sentences about what you have done with your Daddy or special person.

e.g. Today we built a tower out of boxes and it was higher than my Daddy,

       I also had lots of fun dressing up in my Daddy-s clothes, I looked fantastic.


1. Build a tower out of anything, taller than your Daddy or special person.

2. Dress up in your special person-s clothes, TAKE A PHOTO!

3. Do some balancing with your Daddy or special person, TAKE A PHOTO!

Balancing ideas

4. Play a game with your special person.

Image result for BOARD GAMES  Image result for HIDE AND SEEK 

5. Teach your special person the Assembly dances (Check messages) and songs.

BREAK: Get some Lunch and relax.

Class 3: Food Technology

L.O. Make food safely.
L.O. Write Instructions.

1. Make your Dad something special to eat.
  See the source image Image result for easy to make snack

2. Draw and write instructions for how to make it. Remember to use the word: YOU and some bossy verbs.
e.g. First you cut the grapes. Then you spread the chocolate.  You can do it on paper yourself  or use the sheet:


Class 4: Spanish

See Miss Fefi-s blog: Lengua

Class 5: Reading

It is time to sit on the sofa with you Daddy or special person and let them relax.

You can either read them an English book


Watch the story videos:

 I hope you and your Daddy or Special person have had a lovely day together!!

Good Night All!

Image result for daddy and child sleeping cartoon

Here is a lovely example of work from English class today, Well done, Great poem!

Keep sending me pictures of your work!